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We are a complete janitorial service company, however, in addition to that, we can make sure that your property is safe and secure.

This is just one more extra service that we provide to give you peace of mind.

Bemister's Janitorial Services Inc. will also provide, with its Maintenance program, a Security Service if a client should require that extra protection.

Whatever your needs, our company is prepared to provide you, the client, with the best service that over 39 years of successful experience can provide.

Do you require that a building, or just a room be secured and locked to ensure security?

Bemister's Janitorial Services Inc. will look after the matter for you.

Our security services is in addition to the security we provide as a part of our regular janitorial service.

When we are given keys or codes to a secure area, we ensure that we NEVER leave that area

unlocked or accessible by unauthorized people—not even for a minute!

Our company accepts responsibility for that area’s security. Before leaving, we double check these areas and make sure the alarms are on.

We try the doors to ensure that no debris is preventing proper closure. We train our employees to be SECURITY CONSCIOUS since that kind of thinking prevents losses.